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Notecard Alternatives

  1. 0 I have a test on Tuesday and have been making notecards ALL DAY. I've been working on it for nearly 4 hours and just got through the first chapter. Do yall know of any less time consuming alternatives for notecards?
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    I have an android phone and use studydroid 2.0 (free edition). I am able to make the notecards online and then upload them on my phone.

    Notecards will always be a pain in the butt though, but I find that by taking the time to write them by hand I retain the info better.
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    You definitely learn more utilizing tactile methods than just from simply typing them in.
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    Have any of yall ever used Studyblue? Chelsea's response reminded me I had that app on my phone so I decided to test it out. I typed them all up on the computer (took around 50 minutes!! sooo much quicker!) but now I can't figure out how to get them to pull up on the app.
    edit: nevermind, I guess it helps if you log in
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