Northeastern or Stony Brook

  1. 0 I was wondering if I could any input on which school has a better program for traditional BSN , Northeastern University or Stony Brook University ? Thank you
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    Stony Brook. It's one of the few schools that has a BSN, ABSN, Physician Assistant program, and Med school. Very few schools have well enough of hospitals to have all those programs. But really I have friends who went to northeastern and enjoyed it. I went to Stony Brook and had roommates who did the traditional BSN and loved it. Both them got jobs about 2 weeks after graduating. Also had a friend who did the BSN and jumped right to their Nurse Midwife MSN program. But really it comes down to which school you like more. Stony Brook i will say doesn't have a huge social life for it's students but makes up for it in academics.

    and Stony Brook's hospital food is very good if it helps

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