1. I am scheduled to take the NLN PAX RN on January 31st which means I have 15 more days to continue studying before entering the exam. The English and Math parts do not worry me as much as the Science section does. Does anyone have any advice on how to study or what to study? I have been using the McGraw Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams book.
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  3. by   Evadney77
    I take the test on feb 6. I'm studying from the national league for nursing review guide for rn pre-entrance exam. In the science portion of the guide it's basic biology, organ systems, chemistry, and physics.
  4. by   Mara.
    I just took my pax today and was totally not prepared for the science. Go over the weird graphs and frequency stuff as well as lots of chemistry. this is what I had a bunch of. I thought math and reading were pretty easy but watch your time very carefully. My composite was 140...
  5. by   barvanis
    Hello, I am considering Southwest Florida College in Fort Myers as well. Would you tell me some about the nursing program? And details about the class schedules? I currently work for a local hospital. Also I would like some clarifications about their accreditation. Thank you so much for your time. Barbara