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NCLEX rates for cc's

  1. 0 I am deciding between three cc's in San Diego for where I will apply when it comes time. The school I currently attend (SWCC)which is closest to me had a pass rate of 80.33%, Grossmont had a 96.61% pass, and San Diego City College also had a high score 96.77%pass rate this past year. So does the passing rate reflect on the students or the professors? Which would you choose?
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    Check the attrition rate as well. High NCLEX scores can sometimes be a deceiving. If the school only passes students who can pass the exam, and fails the rest it's poor instruction and course work. Otherwise go with the higher pass rate!
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    How do I find that out?
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    Call the school. They will provide it. They are required to I think.
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    i looked it up on the nclex site. I was shocked to see some schools have like a 30% passing rate while others are 100% or in the 90s
    Education Information - Florida Board of Nursing - Education Information
    I found florida schools here on that florida site and they have links to other states as well.
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    My CC had a 100% pass rate.