Is my B- in chemistry good enough?

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    I'm currently a sophomore at UC Davis. I want to enter either an ABSN program or an ELMSN program. My first quarter of chemistry I only received a B-. I'm nervous about this grade because most schools want a 3.6 average science gpa (at least). I don't think I can retake the class so I don't know what to do.
    Do you think schools care about where you took the class? Do you think my B- at a UC will weight more than a B- at a community college?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    My first semester of Chem I got a B. Second semester I failed, had to retake, and got a C in the end. Now I'm in an ABSN program in CO. I don't know about UC Davis, though, you might want to look up their average entering GPA for ABSN students.
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    That would probably be borderline as you need to really have the concepts down to apply it further on.
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    No. Retake it.

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