Montgomery College Spring 2013 Acceptance Letters

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    I submitted my application for the Spring 2013 nursing program at MC a little before August 1st. Anyone else just apply?

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    Hey there I applied for the Spring term as well!!
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    Quote from Eramos809
    Hey there I applied for the Spring term as well!!
    Hi! It's nice meeting you! Did you apply for the first deadline? I know they extended it to Sept 21st now. I don't know if that is good or bad for us?! I am doing ok waiting but it's frustrating because they told me November but Fall posts showed October. Have you heard anything? A gf that is I. The program. Ow she said we'll hear mid October. I also heard the class this term is only in the 60's with no drops yet. A little background on me, I left my 'corporate' job 2 years ago to peruse my 3rd degree in nursing. It has always been my dream but it happened on its own path. How about you?

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