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Microbiology before finishing A&P?

  1. 0 I have taken a General Biology course and Intro to General, Organic, and Biochemistry course in the past.

    This semester, I'm taking Anatomy and Microbiology.

    The professor suggested that students should not take microbiology until physiology is completed. I'm a good student and am able to commit a lot of hours to studying, but am I just not prepared for this class?
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    I'm taking A&P I and Microbio concurrently as well. It seems that ALL professors discourage a.) taking both together and b.) their idea of one before the other, I've heard both opinions.

    I know for this first unit of each, I encountered a lot of overlapping material saving me serious study time. I feel as though I'll do well in both classes, it's just about prioritizing and making sure I'm studying enough and studying the right things. Hopefully you don't have tests on the same day! I have a test in each class on the same day in 2 weeks + a micro lab test. Ugh!
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    At least in my Micro class we're expected to already know certain things we learned in A&P I and to a certain extent A&P II, but as long as you take notes and can look up what your professor says you should already know you will be fine.
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    I'm taking both right now and, I too, have a ton of overlapping. Since you've had some chemistry, I think you'll be okay. I've never taken chem nor general bio; so I've had to play catch up a little. It doesn't help that my A&P teacher teaches the class from a chemistry perspective and that I took A&P I at a different school. Still, I feel I'll do well in both courses.
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    I took microbiology a semester before A & P 1 and 2. I did fine. Everyone has their own opinion of when to take what, but I don't think it matters as long as you are willing to study.
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    I took Physiology & Micro at the same time. Definitely do-able! A LOT of work...but definitely do-able
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    I doubt it would really be a problem if you took multiple heavy-sci/math courses together in the past and did well... but that's really something you're going to have to trust your own judgement own. I think if you are diligent about studying and paying attention in both classes, it's certainly possible to do well! GL!
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    Should be fine. I took AP I, then Micro, now taking AP II. I think having chemistry before Micro would have been more helpful. There is always some overlap between all of them.
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    Hi, I took A&P I and now I'm taking Micro and A&P I and my General Biology class definitely gave me the foundation of knowledge I needed for Micro. You for sure need basic knowledge of Chemistry and know it well, or else you'll be lost in Micro. They will also help you when it comes to Genetics and Taxonomy. My Micro class just touches the surface of all these subjects, but you really have to know them well to understand the big picture.

    Good luck!
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    I considered dropping Micro because my professor scared me off! haha But a lot of people seem to be saying that taking A&P before Micro isn't really necessary so I'll stick it out. None of my exams are on the same day--Thank God! Good luck to you this semester!
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    Chem and Bio are pre-reqs for my Micro class. Right now we're doing some Chemistry review, but it's been two semesters since I took it so I'm struggling a little too! I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you. Good luck!!!
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    took micro & A&P together and did fine! but it'll really help if you take it before A&P 2 and patho 1 good luck!