Medical Terminology Online

  1. Has anyone taken a Medical Terminology class on-line? If so where?
    1 of the 4 accelerated BSN programs I am applying to (out of state) requires this class as a prerequisite and I am having troubles locating an accredited class in my area. Hoping someone has taken this on-line and can lend some insight.
    Thanks kindly in advance!
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  3. by   mariebailey
    I don't know of any, but try: Let me google that for you
    t's funny if you haven't seen it already.
  4. by   baja_blast1
    State College of Florida has one on line. Its an easy class all answers are in the back of the book. Dosent count towards an A.A. though.
  5. by   zoe92
    My school (Anne Arundel Community College) has online medical terminology.
  6. by   jetsy62
    Lock Haven - Clearfield Campus in Pennsylvania
  7. by   WoundedBird
    Ohio state has one
  8. by   ky88
    ocean county college in Toms River, NJ has one as well
  9. by   combsj25
    Thanks for all the responses!!