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Med/surg or oncology?

  1. 0 I am beginning an internship at a hospital next month and for or first rotation we were told to choose between med/surg and oncology. Here is my dilemma: I am told that med/surg will teach me more in terms of what nurses do on a day to day basis, but I know that once I actually become a licensed nurse I want to work in oncology. What would the better choice be? I'm getting lots of mixed reviews from family and friends.

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    I believe the med/surg will give you more experience for the NCLEX... If it were up to me that is what I would do... then once you have your nusing go for whatever specialty you would want... for example I am going to go critical care nursing once I get my nursing... however I will need to know everything for the basic rn licensure... then I will focus on doing critical care... hope this helps
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    I have heard that you have to start on med/surg before you can move to other areas in most hospitals.

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