Mass Bay Framingham Nursing Evening/weekend Program

  1. Good afternoon,

    Hopefully someone can help answer my questions. I have bachelors degree in a non nursing field but would like to get my associates in nursing
    From an evening/weekend program. Could someone help to answer these questions about Mass Bay evening / weekend nursing program.

    1.) Are all classes, labs, and clinical times at 6pm or later during the work week monday through friday?
    Or held on weekends?

    2.) Are there any instances where evening nursing students have to be oncampus before 6pm?

    The reason I am asking this is that I need to work full time and attend class, clinicals, etc. Any information would
    Be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    * also I know there is an information session regarding this program, but I am not going to miss work to attend if there is an day requirement in
    The nursing evening/weekend program as I will not be able to enroll.
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