Made an A on my midterm

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    Just wanted to thank everyone for their advice. I took my Anatomy and Physiology 1 midterm today and passed it with a 92/A.
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    Great job!!!
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    WOO HOO!
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    Nice work, congrats!
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    Way to go! I remember being in A&P it was not easy! I know you worked hard for that A =)
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    take a bow!
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    Thanks lol. I wanted to cry because this is my second time taking this class (took in 2010 while taking 3 other classes and working two jobs while pregnant) butndidnt past.
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    Awesome job, way to persevere!!
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    Quote from Nurse2b7337
    Awesome job, way to persevere!!
    Thanks. That grade boosted my confidence way up in that class.

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