LVN-RN vs straight to RN

  1. 0 Hello: So I am in need of some advice: I am currently enrolled at my local junior college taking pre-req courses, which does have a good nursing program,but the wait list it over 2 years long, and also gives points to students who have prior nursing experince or licenses(which I sadly do not have). So I have been thinking of going to a local private vocational school ( professional medical career instit.) and get my CNA and then my LVN and then start working in the field and also eventually become an RN.
    - Is there any one in the Southern CA area that has heard anything about this school?
    - any nurses who did this route and any advice you can give?
    any input would be greatly appreciated!
    p.s I also work a 30 hour a week job so have to work around that while in school.
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