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    Im an aspiring nursing student. I have completed most of the perquisites needed for most the nursing programs in NE Ohio. I had full intentions on going to Huron School Of Nursing but, since it went south I have to find another school to apply to. I was really looking forward to Huron because I work there also. I applied to Kent State Twinsburg location, Notre Dame and Ursuline. I know all those schools are very completive. I attend Tri C now and did not really want to sit out for their waiting list till 2012 since I will be completed with my classes in May 2011. I was wondering if anyone know when I should expect to hear from Kent State since I turned in all my information now. I know the deadline is Feburay 1, 2011 but Im not sure if they make you wait till the summer to notify everyone. My GPA is a 3.0, I have attended the informational and sent in all my transcripts. Any information about any of these school admissions process would be GREAT

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