Just got called for an interview!!!

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    I have an interview next Thursday for a CNA position and I'm ecstatic!! I'm also nervous too. What questions should I be prepared for? What do I wear? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
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    Congrats... Dress in business attire if possible.

    CNA Interview Tips | eHow
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    Wear something formal not flashy or revealing.
    Look professional.
    Smile and your nervousness will go away.
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    Don't forget to bring copies of your résumé and a pen! Also, arrive early, you do not want to be late.

    It's a beautiful day to save lives.
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    Okay.. I have to admit.. I am in Phoenix and it is still over 100 degrees here. So we are still very warm here. Hence the summer shoes. They were heeled and fit the skirt and blouse.. haha But I am from Wisconsin and I would never in my wildest dreams dressed this way there.. way too conservative. So you do need to keep in mind the local business expected attire.

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