Just got accepted, what's next for loans? Just got accepted, what's next for loans? | allnurses

Just got accepted, what's next for loans?

  1. 0 Just got accepted to samuel merritt's ABSN and I know there will be loans available for us incoming students for tuition and fees associated with school, but how about cost of living etc?

    I am looking to relocate CLOSER to the campus and am curious to know what people have done or are doing in terms of extra loans or scholarships to cover living expenses?
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    Have you tried discussing your situation with the school's financial aid office? They'd probably be able to talk to you about resources available to you better than anyone.
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    Go to Studentloans.gov for subsidized, unsubsidized, and Direct PLUS loans... there is a ton of info there on government loans with low interest... Unless you have a good relationship with your bank and great credit for private loans, then Govt. loans will probably be your best bet.... Definitely discuss your options with your financial aid department...
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    We can get DIRECT PLUS Loans as an undergrad? I always thought it was for graduate school.

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