I've been accepted!

  1. I'm in the 2014 Spring Semester and have my first meeting in a couple of weeks. I am so excited and happy. Mostly, I hope I can find someone further along you can give me tips. At least I have here!
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  3. by   Idiosyncratic
    Congratulations!!! That's awesome!
  4. by   maddiem
    Woo hoo!!
  5. by   carefulcare
    congrats woo hoo
  6. by   ant2cory
    Congrats!!! That's awesome, good luck!
  7. by   Marsha238612
    Great job! Hope it all goes smoothly

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  9. by   mdominguez
    Congratulations!! My school said today we won't know until the week after Thanksgiving (was supposed to be first week of November) Oh the agony!! Not to mention it only leaves a few weeks with Christmas in the mix to get everything done before the semester starts in January!
  10. by   KateD

    What school are you referring to? :-)
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    Quote from KateD

    What school are you referring to? :-)
    Wichita State University