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I've been accepted!

  1. 6 I'm in the 2014 Spring Semester and have my first meeting in a couple of weeks. I am so excited and happy. Mostly, I hope I can find someone further along you can give me tips. At least I have here!
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    Congratulations!!! That's awesome!
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    Woo hoo!!
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    congrats woo hoo
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    Congrats!!! That's awesome, good luck!
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    Great job! Hope it all goes smoothly

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    Congratulations!! My school said today we won't know until the week after Thanksgiving (was supposed to be first week of November) Oh the agony!! Not to mention it only leaves a few weeks with Christmas in the mix to get everything done before the semester starts in January!
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    What school are you referring to? :-)
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    Quote from KateD

    What school are you referring to? :-)
    Wichita State University