IUPUI pre nursing student! HELP ME

  1. 0 so i am currently almost done with my prereqs.
    I am so scared about if i will get in or not. but even with the "best" grades, according to my advisor, I feel like I am not doing well.
    so far. Finite-A. Psychology- A. Sociology-A. English w131-A. Gender Society (cluster 2)-A. Stress Management (Cluster 3) A. Medical Terminology (Cluster 1 and transfer credit) A. and Nutrition (Cluster 4)-A. I am taking anatomy over at ivy tech, and need two of their A&P to make n261, and just completed the first anatomy with an A. i will be taking the second one this fall. needless to say, is it bad that i didnt take anatomy over at iupui? what are my chances at getting in?
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    It appears that you have all As. Are you asking what are your chances of getting in with a 4.0? I would say excellent chance of getting in.

    As long as IUPUI takes Ivy Tech credits (both are state schools) then it doesn't matter that you took it at Ivy Tech.

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