Is there a waiting list

  1. Hi,
    I'm not a nurse or student, but my wife has been an RN for many years. I'm curious as to whether the new generation of prospective nursing students have experienced being put on a waiting list for their nursing schools. If so, is this a common occurrence for those looking to get into a nursing program? and by nursing programs, I mean the RN programs.
    I would appreciate any and all of your comments and experiences.
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  3. by   lillymom
    Yes. Some programs have waitlists and some programs have competitive scoring that determines if you are accepted. It is not like most other programs where you declare a major and can start classes. I was accepted the first time around because my grades and I met the requirements but it really depends on the school.
  4. by   grpman
    The school I'm at does not have a waiting list but does have an alternate list in case someone admitted decides not to attend. The list of those accepted is based on a scoring system. I guess in essence though, there is a waiting list of sorts b/c people that want to get in have to keep applying.
  5. by   tech1000
    Yes, there was a very long wait list.