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Ok all! I want to get a computer but don't know if i should get the MacBook or iMac. I have an iPad but want a computer to do the things I choose not to do on the iPad. Please help!... Read More

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    Quote from That Guy
    Have you ever used office for mac?
    Yes. My school offered Office for Windows/OS X free to students. Never had any problems out of it and I used it to make my powerpoints for presentations in Speech/Humanities, write papers for Medical Terminology/Success in Nursing, and spreadsheets for Fundamentals of Computers.
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    i dont mean to start a whole pc vs mac argument but ive had over 20 laptops for pc, and never had an issue. i dont run anti-spyware or malware because i dont trust it. i just watch what websites and programs i run. Never had a blue screen, and only issue is battery dying. as far as costs go, this is the decision of the OP. lets not start a flame war of mac vs pc and keep this on topic.
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    Quote from nurseprince2b
    Thank you all! It sounds like my best bet will be a MacBook. Wanted to go for the iMac because it is cheaper, but it seems more practical
    to get something that will offer me portability. How much do they run? Will the bas model work.?
    I use my MacBook Pro as a desktop. I love that it does everything a desktop does, but is portable.
    I would never get a PC again.
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    Quote from That Guy
    A base model 13" MacBook Pro would be way more than you need and its 1200. Either way, get a second monitor to hook up to. It makes research papers 1000000x easier.

    I prefer macs. I've grown up with them, I worked for them, I still use their products without problems.
    How come a second moniter? I do find that my extra full board key board is nice. I don't like typing papers on the Mac book keyboard.
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    Quote from Susan1012
    How come a second moniter? I do find that my extra full board key board is nice. I don't like typing papers on the Mac book keyboard.
    second monitor makes it easier to visualize everything. I run dual monitors on my desktop, ill have the internet up on one screen and word on another, making it easier and not having to switch tabs or screens oftenly.
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    I have a MacBook Pro and love it! I would get the Pro because you can take it everywhere.
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    I currently have both a macbook (basic model, $1000) and a iMac desktop ($1400). What I love about the laptop is obviously the portability. I don't take it out of the house much, but I like to sit in a comfy spot instead of at a desk. I don't think you would need anymore than the basic macbook...but I am not that computer savvy :-) The one reason I got the desktop this round was because I love to take pictures and I want to keep them on my computer so I can access them if I want to create online scrapbooks of my kiddos. a laptop just does not have enough memory for that. And I also want to be able to keep enough home video on my computer to work with it in imovie etc. It drove me crazy to have to erase photos or not be able to work on putting a video together due to lack of memory. Oh, and fyi the new mac desktops do not have a disk drive so you have to buy that separately ($100) so if you plan on using CDs/DVDs you would need to get that.
    just my two cents. :-) love macs though and the free 90 days of applecare support is phenomenal (you can call in and have them help you with anything computer related...whether you have a tech issue or you have a question about using an application). waaaaay better than geek squad. I will definitely consider paying for apple support when that runs out. :-) Good luck with your choice :-)
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    I vote the Macbook...but I would do the Macbook pro...they are much more durable :3
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    I purchased my MacBook Pro back in 2010 when I first started my pre-reqs. Now, I'm completely finished with my nursing program and my MB Pro is still in fantastic shape. It allowed me to multitask during school, create professionally-quality projects, and it never crashed once during its lifetime. Also, every now and again, Apple runs a "back-to-school" promo which allows you to get a laptop or desktop and receive either an iPod or a printer at no additional cost. That was a few years ago, so I'm not sure what their current deals are. Overall, I am satisfied.

    Back then, I was debating between a MacBook Air and was immediately turned off by the idea of no CD-ROM with the MB Air and the need to buy an external disk drive to play discs. This was a major issue because most nursing textbooks come with a complementary disc to follow along with during study. After adding the external hard drive, the price was practically the same as MB Pro.

    Recently, my computer gave me the "service battery" alert that appears years after use indicating that the battery needed replacement. I was surprised to find out that a new battery wasn't 100% mandatory as the MB Pro would still work while plugged in to an electrical outlet even if the battery completely died (talk about a sweet deal?). I no longer have a need to tote my MB Pro around since school is over.

    Another thing...several people have advised me to make sure that the next time I buy any electronics (i.e. MB, iPad, iPod, iPhone, PC laptop, etc.) to make sure that I let it power completely down after the first few cycles in order to improve the longevity of the internal battery. I'm not sure how true this is, however, I will be sure to do so next time I buy anything of substantial value to avoid this very minor problem with the MB Pro battery. I know some people are saying why bother spend the extra money, but I consider my MB Pro one of my best academic investments. Some of my friends with laptops/PCs the same age as my MB Pro have already replaced their systems. Not only is my computer still completely functional, but it looks brand new because I covered it in a protective skin and have carried it in a fitted InCase zipped pouch. After I purchased this MB Pro, I tried other Apple products as well because I was so impressed with the quality of this laptop versus my other PCs. I hope this helps a little.

    **Also, I used my student ID at Best Buy (an authorized Apple retailer) when I purchased it and received a $200 instant discount. I'm not sure if they still do this. Additionally, I purchase Office Suite for Students at a local college bookstore that had it at the time and it was only $89.95. Not only did I get trustworthy laptop, but I saved money by doing my research about special offers beforehand. You also have the option of purchasing a Mini Port to HDMI adapter that allows you to hook your MB Pro up to a television if you feel like typing or watching movies from the couch with the option of using wireless optical devices. Another cool feature is that you can FaceTime from your MB Pro, so if you have friends with any Apple device with FaceTime, you can chat using your laptop versus your iPhone or iPad (or, just use the MB Pro if you don't own either one of them). Sorry to text your ear off, but I debated on buying my MB Pro and it ended up exceeding my expectations.
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    Hubby and I both have refurbished MacBook Pro's. We always consult our computer friend when buying and he said if we can afford a MB Pro do it. We have had PC laptops and desktops and they lasted 2 or less years. When we moved we purchased an iMac and LOVE it, so when he suggested a MB pro we went for it and do not regret it at all! Sure we could buy 2 PC laptops for the price of 1 MB pro but we hope it to last at least twice as long, so the price over time will even out or more.

    He suggested the refurbished because he said the outside it kept but the guts get replaced. You have to watch what they put up because it changes sometimes day to day. For a while they had some that were more than we needed so we just kept watching, we ended up scoring 2 pros with more than enough memory and a disk drive for cheaper than a new Air. We have 13 inch screens because 15 wasn't in the budget, but it has been fine.
    Hubby is military and takes online classes, I take online and face to face classes, and we have 5 kids. We really needed a desktop and laptops. The kids use the desktop and hubby takes his laptop with him and I can use and take mine. No fighting over the computer! Just decide if a desktop or a laptop will suit your needs better.

    This is where to find the refurbished ones, just keep in mind they have a 1 year warranty....but you buy from Apple not an offsite place.
    Refurbished Mac Computers - Refurbished Notebooks & Desktop Computers - Apple Store (U.S.)
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