I need to take HCP0130...

  1. Hello guys,
    I am applying for the AS-RN program at Broward Community College (in South Florida). They told me there that I must take a class called HCP0130 Health Career Core, but theirs is already closed. Does anybody know where I can take it online or elsewhere... I really appreciate the help, I need to register now in order to be able to take it in the summer for the application period ending on Sept. 1.
    Thank you so much everybody
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  3. by   nadia07
    i'm having the same problem...have you found any places yet where i could take this HCP1030? if so, please please please let me know. thanks a lot!
  4. by   Pinky05
    I go to BCC also. They only offer it a few times a year and it's very hard to get into. I was registered to take it, but now I'm going to apply to Nova instead. I don't think you can take it online. It's a hands on course (like moving patients into beds and stuff). I hope you guys can get into the next one. =)