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I just got Accepted!!!

  1. 2 I just got my email from San Jacinto College South that I got into the LVN Program for Fall 2013!!!! I am over the moon excited!!!!!! Got a 93 on my HESI and a 3.7 GPA prior to program
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    Congrats! That's awesome!!!
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    Congrats!!! Good Luck on your journey. Relax now while you still have a chance
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    Good Job..
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    Congratulations on your acceptance!
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    Congratulations and good luck with your program!!
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    Congrats! I start this fall as well
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    I'm sure the fireworks are blasting at your house -- good luck !!!!
    Study hard and it will fly bye, but if you get behind and grades suffer -- it will last forever.
    If you don't understand -- ask while you are in school.
    The hard work will pay off.
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