Human Anatomy class AND Emt class too much? Human Anatomy class AND Emt class too much? | allnurses

Human Anatomy class AND Emt class too much?

  1. 0 Hi Everyone!

    I am currently a student at SAC and am interested in possibly taking a Human Anatomy class (Bio 239) and a EMT certification class. Im must wondering if the combo would be too much work and stress. Also, would it look good on my apps for the nursing program if I had a EMT certification?

    Thanks SO MUCH!

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    I think it all depends on the person. I'm taking A&P2, Microbio, and a religion of the worlds class at the same time but i'm young and don't really have a lot of other responsibilities that this moment other than school but i think you can do it.
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    I got my EMT certificate while taking A&P II (campus) and Nutrition (online). It was a full program but very doable, and I think it can look beneficial on your application.
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    thank you guys so much! i think im gonna do both. I can do it, i have faith thanks again!
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    Just make certain that you start out organized and stay organized. Good luck.