Hi im going to start schooling to be a LPN in the fall Hi im going to start schooling to be a LPN in the fall | allnurses

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Hi im going to start schooling to be a LPN in the fall

  1. 0 Hi im going to start schooling to be a LPN in the fall. i just need a few quit questions answered are tattoos on the hands/arms not allowed. and will schooling be more difficult because i am dyslexic

    thank you
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    At the school I attended, visible tattoos are to be covered. I had a classmate in class who was allowed to wear a long sleeve underneath her uniform to cover her arm tattoos. You might want to check with your school because every school may have different policies on that.

    Nursing school is hard, period, so only you can determine if you being dyslexic will deter you from being able to learn.
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    I agree with imalvn on the tattoos, I would check with the school. My RN school has a strict cover the tattoos or theres issues. So in short, check with your school.

    As far as the dyslexia goes, theres quite a bit to read in nursing school, so you do need to evaluate it and see if your able to hold up. You will be reading patient charts and files for years, so its not going to stop after school. I would figure that out for yourself and see if your able to keep up. Some nursing students are able to compensate and read over and over again.
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    I would think as long as the tattoos were covered you should be fine, but speak with your nursing dept. As far as the dyslexia, I would speak to someone at the college or nursing school about it. Most colleges offer services for students with any type of disability and are willing to help.