HESI test...whats's your experience? HESI test...whats's your experience? | allnurses

HESI test...whats's your experience?

  1. 0 Whats you experience about the HESI exam?
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    My experience was awful.

    I can't believe I have to wait 6 MONTHS before I can attempt the test again!
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    Its really not that bad... A&P is the most difficult part.
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    we use to evlove software with our nursing program, its tests are really similiar to the hesi. I've taken the hesi several times, and I hate it. I swear the thing is telepathic, it will only ask the questions from the information that leaked out of your brain while you slept.
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    Just to clarify, the HESI a2 for nursing admissions is different for the HESI for students already in the program. The Hesi admission test is basic stuff. The Hesi for students in the program is much harder and is nursing specific.