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  1. 0 I will be applying for the BSN program in the Spring of 2014. Because I already have a degree in Radiologic Technology I have racked up some substantial financial aid debt and I know I am very close to not being able to do Pell grants anymore (maximum semesters or something like that.) Is there a resource for scholarships for nursing students. I will likely not be able to afford to finish school if I can't get any scholarships and I want this so much!
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    Google nursing loans. I've found plenty of loans and scholarships online. Does your school offer any of these?? Most of them do
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    check for some of the local hospitals to have scholarships too.
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    Hi, Check with your college also check Types of Aid | Federal Student Aid. If you don't mind me asking, what made you go back to school for nursing? I had a tough time deciding if I wanted to be a Rad Tech or an RN. Any info that you can provide about the Rad Tech program is appreciated. and good luck to you with finding financial aid...

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