Has anybody gone to Truman College (Chicago)? Has anybody gone to Truman College (Chicago)? | allnurses

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Has anybody gone to Truman College (Chicago)?

  1. 0 Hey all- so, I'm fighting to get into Truman for their RN program. I have a B.A. (in English, mind you). I've taken all of the pre-requisites- with As and Bs (and one ugly C) and Med Term. I don't have Micro. (I was planning on taking that in fall)
    I'd been calling to find out the status of my application (assuming the worst), and found out that I wasn't qualified b/c I didn't have English 101... because I took it in high school and tested out of it, but the Records Dept. lost my high school transcript, that I hand delivered.
    By the time I get my AP scores sent to the school/me- I don't know. It feels like such a battle.
    Has anybody gone to Truman? Is it worth it?
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    You might want to also post your question over in the US > Illinois section of the message boards.
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