GPA and previous certification transfer

  1. Hi all,

    I just recently saw my final grades for the semester and was absolutely jumping with joy (GPA 3.8 in A/P I, A/P I Lab, Comp I, Sociology, & Art) I will be taking A/P II lecture & lab, Comp II, and Psych next semester. I saw my overall GPA...3.5 and I was bummed! I received my EMT certification about 12 years ago through this same college and had a ending 3.0 GPA. I believe this is what dropped my overall GPA. I also received CNA certification and licensure through a different college. (My current college will not accept my certification transfer.) Im not sure why, because the CNA class was accredited through another local community college. I am wondering how all of this will effect my chances of getting into LPN School this fall? Our school is very competative with GPA and looks at previous medical certifications, along with entrance scores, and ACT. Entrance scores were great but the math was a tad bit low, ACT was a 16 back years ago I plan on taking it again...I'm not sure if I need to be worried or not. I talked with a few NS instructors who basically said, all you can do is try. I was looking for a straight forward answer, but I assume with the overwhelming amount of entrance applications, they can't just go on one person, which I totally understand. Any one else have this happen?