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Galen college of nursing

  1. 0 I'm new to this forum. I'm going to take my pre entrance exam in Galen. Just want to know if its a good school/accredited.. All those sorts of stuff..
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    You should review accreditation with your state's BON and by conducting Internet research. You can also call the school and ask for a list of accredation. Only you can decide if its a good school for you or not, but it's imperative you do a lengthy research of your options before you sign on the dotted line and get yourself into something you can't back out of.
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    I'm a student here at galen and we've just received our sacs accreditation.
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    Galen got their SACS annnd NLN accreditation this month
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    I start the online LVN to RN program in October of this year. Any one else starting in October?
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    So glad the SACS accreditation was received. It makes me a happier student with broader horizons :-) I started the bridge in 1/2013