Florida Nursing Choices choices....which route to take 2014?

  1. 0 Hello nursing world. I am at a stop sign and informative help is needed. (New2AllNurses) There are so many nursing schools approved by bureaus or fully accredited or not approved nor accredited etc. I am trying to become an lpn/lvn in Florida and then continue to the journey in becoming an Rn and more. I currently have some community college credits but during that time i had two Cs in my science classes so i didnt get accepted in 2011 and had to wait on the waiting list etc. I am back in fl and so far im not sure which direction to take. I have been checking a few private schools because i would like to take the lpn to rn route. Feedback is very helpful. I feel a bit more lost because of the amount of schools and one by one some of them are a bit shady. Not intended to be negative please just searching for helpful ideas. Thanks
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