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Fall 2013 CSU, Chico

  1. 0 Is there any CSU, Chico, fall 2013 applicants out there? I got a notice 3 days ago and it said that I was ranked #8 on the alternate list. I called in today and they said they would let me know if I got accpeted on May 2nd. However, the deadline of enrollment deposit is May, 1st. I don't know if I should do the deposit or not. Do you guys know how many students from the alternate list were admitted in the past? The following two weeks are going to drive me crazy... >_<
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    If May 1st is the deadline for deposits sounds like that's why they will let you know on May 2nd. If they have 18 that do not submit a deposit or decline their offer then you will get notified.

    Deep breaths and happy thoughts.. I'm pulling for you.
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    Thank you 203bravo! Did you apply? Are you admitted or same like me on the alternate list?

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