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Anyone out there taking Pharmacology this semester? Want to start a support group? I ended up having to take Pharm online because the only time slots offered conflicted with my Physiology & Microbiology courses. I've never... Read More

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    Wow...3 weeks until your NURSING SCHOOL orientation!!! How awesome is that?

    I won't know until April whether I'm in for Fall 2013 or Spring 2014. I hate waiting!!! But, it'll be here before you know it, right?

    You are gonna ROCK your math test!!!!!

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    Hallelujah! I ended up getting my highest score ever on today's Pharmacology exam...yay!!! Only the final left to take in a few weeks. I am SO happy this semester is almost over. I feel like I "survived" Pharmacology
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    That's freaking fantastic SK!! Sheesh! Can you believe the days are going by?!

    I have my math exam this Friday and my final on the 14!!! Woooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!
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    Thanks, geli!

    Our final is on the 12th. That's only 13 days away

    I will be praying for you to have a great Pharm math test tomorrow...you can do it!!!!
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    Took the math test and got one question wrong, booooo, but I passed! So now all I have left is the final!!! 11 days until then and it'll all be over!
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    One question wrong is awesome! Yay...you passed!!!!

    Can you believe we're almost done? Next week is my LAST Pharm exam. I cannot wait to get it over with and be done with it!!!!
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    It's insane thinking about it!! Have you registered for next semester? I can't register until I go to orientation. The councilors will inform us of the classes we can and need to take.
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    Yes, I'm taking classes that apply towards the BSN and I'm also doing my Phlebotomy externship at the hospital. Only taking 3 classes...yay! I won't know if I'm in the nursing program until April. If I get in, I'll either start Fall 2013 (hopefully) or Spring 2014, depending on which cohort they assign me to. I'll keep working on classes towards the BSN, since that's a 9 month to 1 year gap before starting the nursing program.

    Our nursing program is the same way...you can't register for nursing classes until you attend orientation and they give you the code to use to register and which sequence to take.

    I just posted my LAST Pharmacology discussion board question. I'm SO glad to have this done! Just have to take the practice test this weekend and will take the final on Tuesday afternoon.
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    I'm taking pharmacology this spring 2013 and will be going for a 10 months full time LPN program in late august. Congrats to everyone who did it well in pharmacology, I will start looking for some books to rent online or cheap purchase, I guess I will need my calculator back. Please a part of A&P, nutrition, pharmacology, microbiology whatelse is an RN prerequisites? thanks y'all
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    It all depends on the program you want to get into, vitiana. Some schools only require, API, Intro to Psych, and Composition as the prereqs and other schools require: AP I & II, Microbio, Nutrition, Chem, Human Growth and Development, Statistics etc... So I would check into the schools you are applying to. Not all schools go by the same pre-reqs and some schools can substitute chemistry for biochem or other classes.

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