Done For The Semester!!

  1. Took my last final this morning. I ended up with 4 A's and 1 B. I got an A in A&P II and English Comp. which I needed for the nursing program. I am taking Psych next semester and that is the last one I need an A in to have my 4.0 in the prereqs for the RN program at my school. So, so happy today!! One month off and then back to the books. Enjoy Christmas!!
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  3. by   pmabraham
    Congratulations. I believe we are all ready for a break. Like you, in just 4 weeks (give or take a few days), another semester.
  4. by   bluesky94
    Good job! I'm also done for the semester! Enjoy your break!
  5. by   pomm
    And here I am dying to start my first semester of prereqs in 1 month.
  6. by   User1-27-2015
    I know the feeling! I just finished third semester at Georgian and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel! Two more semesters to go...not bad for a mature student of 47 years old. Through the ups and downs, being done 3rd semester is a feeling that I cannot completely explain.
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  7. by   carefulcare
    congrats doesnt it feel awesome!