Does Location/School Matter for Entrance Exams?

  1. Hey everyone!

    So I'm planning on applying to nursing school, either for the coming Fall semester or next Spring. The schools I'm looking at ask for the NLN or the TEAS exams, so I'm about to start studying for that.

    I'm wondering, does it matter where you take these tests? Like can I take the test wherever, and still have the scores valid for other schools I apply to? I ask because I noticed that for one school, they ask you to take the HESI exam at their school, and that scores from other schools would not be accepted. So, I'm just wondering if it's the same for the NLN and TEAS.

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  3. by   lvnibclc
    I am applying at 3 schools. 2 don't care where you take the TEAS as long as it is the TEAS V. The other school wants it done at their school. So I am taking it at that school and sending the results to the other schools. I would check with the schools you are looking at just to make sure.