Diploma vs. BSN??

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    I am accepted in Pennsylvania to both UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing for their diploma R.N. program and Drexel University. Does anyone have any insight to which I should choose? Both have NCLEX exam pass rates within 2-3% of each other in the 90's. I appreciate any information any is willing to give!! My decision has to be made soon.

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    In your position, I would go for Drexel's BSN. You did not mention if you're going for the ACE accelerated or the traditional program there, both which have advantages (ACE is 11 months long, and traditional I think has a co-op component). Additionally, with a BSN as opposed to a diploma program you would have more job opportunities open to you. Hospitals are increasingly seeking BSN prepared nurses for employment. Hope this helps, much luck in your decision and career!
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    Definitely go for the BSN.. it's a higher degree and will likely help you move up in your career.

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