1. hi, i am not a nursing student but i have applied to join the nursing programme......i am so determined because i want to change someone life someday but as i sit and think about the disadvantages that may occur in this field i wonder to myself if i should really chase this dream i have...........Has anyone in such field ever gotten scared because they think of what might go wrong??
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  3. by   HouTx
    That's such a broad question with an obvious answer. Everyone gets 'scared' when they are faced with uncertainty - just because we're human.
  4. by   leonard_huh
    I have been in your situation, but have faced the reality. It doesnt matter what field you go into there will be problems that occur with coworkers or what not. the most important thing is thinking about which part ofthe healthcare field you want to be a part of and what disorder or type of patients you want to make a difference in or save. My advice do research in the area you like and start volunteering or do internships to gain the experience.