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Concorde Career College Hopefuls - 2013 State Date

  1. 0 Are there any other Memphis (Or other cities) Concorde nursing program applicants for their August 2013 state date? I just started my admission/application process today. There is supposedly two pre-entrance exams needed. I took the first one today and barely scooted by with a 23. You have to get at least 22 of the questions correct before you can even schedule a date to take the TEAS test. Apparently the first test isn't a factor when deciding who gets one of the 24 spots. Just your TEAS test score and your interview is considered. And for the TEAS test you have to get a 58 or better and I heard its super hard. So as you could probably tell from my lengthy post, I sort of freaking out!!! Lol. So if there is anyone who has made it farther than me in the admission/application process, please share????? Thanks!
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    I have not applied yet was waiting on a decision from another school. I have heard alot different opinions on their program. Have you taken the teas yet?
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    Raven_allante, since it's been a few months, is there any information you can share about your experience with the admission process? I only recently got started and was curious as to what to expect down the road.
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    I just got accepted to the Concorde Dallas LVN program. I have orientation in about 2 weeks. So I will come back then and put more info on here.
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    I want to but I have such a hard time handling the cost. I tried for it last year, but was 112 for 35 spots. Lol

    Good luck!
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    Well I am one month into the program at Concorde. It's pretty intense but it's can be done with great time management. We started out with 30 and we are already down to 27. The group before us are down to 20 and the group before them are down to only 4. So yea its pretty tough. But it's what I expected. I suggest reading on your own, completing all of your homework and study study study. If you have any more questions just let me know.
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    Does Anyone knows about the new concorde AAS program in Dallas?

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