Columbus State CC Spring 09 Online Enrollment

  1. The application period for the Columbus State spring 2009 online RN program closed a few weeks ago.

    Did anybody else here apply?

    Does anybody know how long the turn around is before they make notifications?

    Thanks and good luck!
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  3. by   foreverLaur
    I'm looking to apply in the near future. How do admissions work? I've heard a lot of theories about the regular program (first come/first serve, waitlist, reapplicants get priority, competitive, etc).

    Does the online program have less applicants? Do they accept until a class is full, then wait for the next application period or do they keep filling out and out and it may be 2 years until space is available? I'm taking NURC 102 Winter 2010 and want to apply Sept 2010 for start Spring 2011... that is the soonest. Is that feasible?

    I don't really have anything left to take as I have my bachelors degree, I have taken anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, all my general education, and all the prerequisites except NURC 102. All I have left is the actual nursing coursework!