College of Southern Maryland

  1. hi, i'm moving in with my dad who lives in lexington park and i'm planning on applying to csm leonardtown campus for fall 11'. i'm not exactly sure what the prerequisites are to get in, the website is not very clear but ive done human bio, chem,a&p1, two psych classes, english comp, and college algebra with mainly mostly bs and as but i got a c+ in a&p...what else is needed to do before applying?? i've also been a cna since 2005 and currently work in a rehabilitation facility and did volunteer work in high school at a nursing home, so this is all i know, i can't picture doing anything else! i will also be "in-county" which im hoping will help!!

    how competitive is that campus?? i know its more in a country quiet setting so im assuming its not so popular as in the dc, baltimore area.

    when do you have to take teas??? any knowledge would be appreciated.
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