choosing a nursing school/TEAS test

  1. 0 Hi, i am finishing up my pre-reqs this summer and i plan on attending Keiser University in the fall. Has anyone went to Keiser or know anyone that has and knows about the program personally? I am having trouble figuring out a good nursing program from a bad nursing program. I don't know where to locate the schools retention rates or passing rates. I am also getting ready to take my TEAS next week. I have been studying for two weeks straight mainly focusing on the science because i've heard thats the hardest portion. I am scared to death! I am an awful test taker. I haven't done so well on the TEAS practice tests either. The words used in the grammar portion are outrageous! I've never even heard of them. This test is NOT a common knowledge exam.

    I would appreciate all of the help and insight i could get!
    Thank you!
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