Chemistry course online with lab?

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    Anyone know of a good online chemistry course with lab? I'm interested in applying for the Samuel Merritt ABSN program in California. All the ones I have seen are expensive! Any alternatives? Help please!

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    I'm applying to Merritt as well. During one of their virtual advising sessions the adviser gave me the link to this class...
    University of New England - COM - Online Education - Online Medical General Chemistry I

    I plan on taking this one. Yes it costs like $1470 but if you've looked at the ABSN program costs that shouldn't phase you too much.
    I know for a fact Merritt accepts this course and it fits my schedule the best, so I'm going to go for it.
    There is a math pre-req that you should check into.

    Sorry if you already knew about this one, it's actually the only one I know of that they will accept that is online.
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    I am taking chem through Georgia Military College online, fully accredited, and only 8 weeks!

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