CCRI Nursing program Acceptance

  1. So I know things have recently changed regarding admissions so I may not get much help with this. I was curious to know from people that have been accepted what their point score was or just how their grades were. Are people getting in with only straight A's or are the still accepted with a B or two. After this summer I will be applying and just wanted to get an idea of where I will stand.
    When I went to the information session the woman wasn't really that helpful and wouldn't really answer the question. She told us they usually accept people with around 140 points. I have all A's at the moment except a B- in one of the BIO's. When I asked if they recommended I retake the class she told me no, but if when you do the math a B- drops me 20 points, my GPA drops below a 3.95 so I lose another 10 points and then I have a score of 130. This doesn't leave much leeway for my TEAS test and is already below the score she says they like to accept.
    Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   ShawnaS1
    I am new to here, and I would love to know this information as well. I feel as though they have changed rules many times in the past few years.