Can I get some ideas on how to get extra pionts? Can I get some ideas on how to get extra pionts? | allnurses

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Can I get some ideas on how to get extra pionts?

  1. 0 My school LPN program does a point system in order to get in. This is my first year applying and I would like to get all the points I can get. They only accept 20 student from my area and there were well over 100 applicants last year. One thing I can do to get extra points is to volunteer, do service projects, things like that. However, my town is extremely small and there might not be as many options here as in the bigger places. Can you help me out with ideas? I already work as a CNA in a rehab facility and because of this I don't know if volunteering somewhere else to be a cna will get me those points.
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    Volunteer at the rescue squad or local hospital. I live in a small town also but both of these places in my town always need volunteers.

    Good luck!
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    Small towns usually have Meals on Wheels. That is something you can do on your available time, and it's very good for your volunteering experience, especially meeting and getting to know the people you help out.