BA in Public Health going for RN degree [Bay Area]

  1. Hi,
    I am currently a student in UC berkeley majoring in intended Public health, a second year. I am planning to graduate by the end of my junior year and hope to hear some ideas and suggestion of how I should go about achieving my goals, namely, obtaining a BSN.
    As you have guessed, I do not have an extraordinarily high GPA (I am in UC Berkeley afterall), but I would like to go into the nursing industry. So, my question or interest is, what would some choices of the schools that I should apply to taking into account of my average GPA, goal for a second Bachelor degree and, time restriction (I would really like to finish in 2years after my graduation in Berkeley).

    I also hope to go further in my studies in the future, most likely into MSN. But I am doubting that my academic record would be sophisticated enough for me to be admitted into an MSN entry program, though that would be very nice.