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    Hi everyone.

    So like most of you I'm sure, I'm waiting to hear back from my nursing school applications (cross your fingers that I'll get in!) and I was scouring the internet looking for good references on what nursing school/nursing as a career would be like. I stumbled upon this website that seems pretty awesome. Its got a lot of articles and advice for people who are nurses or for nursing students. Forgive me if I'm slow on the uptake that this is a well known source!
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    I LOVEEEEE ScrubsMag!
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    Quote from livefree21
    I LOVEEEEE ScrubsMag!

    Its so great! I've got about 10 tabs open on my computer with all the interesting articles and tips they've got
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    Thanks for passing it on!
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    Sign up for their email newsletters. Once your in school it will be a great stress reliever. Also, their articles can be really funny
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    This a great website thank you so much.
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    I love Scrubs Mag too! Their nursing e-cards get me through the day sometimes LOL!
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    Thank you for this website! All the best in your application
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    Quote from Enlightenedx
    Thank you for this website! All the best in your application
    Thank you!