ATI critical thinking exam. Any advice?

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    I'm currently pre-nursing student and I'm about to take ATI critical thinking exam.
    I'm worried and don't know anything about this exam.
    All I know is 40 questions on 40 minutes.. 0.o
    Can you give me any advice? Thanks so MUCH!

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    It just gives you situations and sentences and asks you questions about them. You can't study for it. It's just a "how you think" type of test. Don't stress.
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    There's nothing to study with the exam. That's why I'm very nervous...
    I hope I can pass the exam ..
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    Advice: think critically. Har har. It's not that hard though it's just tough at first getting into the mindset and thinking like a nurse.
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    So, ATI critical thinking exam is based on nursing stuff or just general questions?

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