asn or bsn? i cant decide. please help

  1. 0 im in college im finishing my aa but im not sure what to do. what is the diffrence between asn and a bsn?
    salary? will a bsn get a job faster?
    im 21 but i have two kids. I have alot of help with my kids and im able to afford daycare to attend school. but is it really worth it?
    also if i finish my aa in college and head to university when exactly will i start learning in my field? (pre-nursing) and when will i be done with everything??
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    There are 100's threads that go into great detail to exactly what you are asking. Allnurses is tied through google, so if you do a google search of "ADN vs BSN," you will find what you need. Honestly, you will get much more info from that vs having people reply.
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