Are My NLN Scores High Enough? Are My NLN Scores High Enough? | allnurses

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Are My NLN Scores High Enough?

  1. 0 I have already completed all of my pre-reqs for nursing, and managed a 4.0.

    I just took my NLN and do not know if my scores are good enough.

    I need to score in the 50th percentile for acceptance.

    My overall score was 137

    verbal: 76%, relative performance: 85
    math: 82%, relative performance: 92
    science: 75%, relative performance: 95

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    Yep looks like you scored in the 80th-90th percentile..good job
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    Your scores look great!

    Did you get accepted into the program that you were pursuing?
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    Yes I did.