Applying to ADN-RN for Spring 2014

  1. Is anyone getting ready to apply or currently applying? I am starting to get really jittery and nervous about the whole process. I am applying to an ADN-RN program for Spring 2014. Currently taking the last of my pre-reqs. Taking Micro, Micro Lab, and Eng 102 this semester. And Soc 101 and Developmental Psych in Summer I. And then that's it. I currently have a BS in Biology. But trying to get my associates in Nursing and then do an RN-MSN bridge program. I am terrified of this whole process. I just want to get accepted. I have already tried applying to accelerated bachelor's programs, but I found myself accepted to schools, without a way to pay for it (no ability to get loans for a 2nd Bachelor's and no cosigner). So this is my only option. I guess I am just reaching out for some sort of comfort and just wondering if anyone else is getting nervous for their Nursing future.

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