Anyone taken the ATI Critical thinking test?If so do you have any tips/advice to pass

  1. I took the test & received a 36% an a 44% is needed for acceptance! So I get to retake it & I don't know what's worse going into the test blind not knowing what to expect or knowing exactly how the test is and having the fear of during worst!
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  3. by   ShaeMarie
    My program requires a 50% and I scored 82.5%. It would be hard to say that there's any portion of it that you can study for because it's generally a test of how an individual thinks. I can tell you that when I took the test, I used the scratch paper and drew pictures or charts wherever necessary to give my best answer. Some parts I found silly and others I think I may have though too far into (or not enough). I can't offer anything else but hope that your retake will be successful 😀
  4. by   ShaeMarie
  5. by   pattimae6
    Thank you so much Im praying I do better & congrats on passing your tesr