Am I on the right track? And Advice on Schools

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    Hello everyone, I recently graduated from school with a BA in History. After a few months of job searching and being offered pretty much minimum waged part-time jobs I decided to go back to school for nursing. I've always thought about doing nursing before but for the first time I am actually going to take action.

    I have no pre reqs done because I majored in History. The only science course I took was Microbiology and it did not have a lab.
    I managed to enroll in Basic Anatomy and Physiology at West LA College.

    I am hoping to apply to nursing schools after 1 or 2 semsters
    Is anyone in a similar position as me and know which school require little pre reqs to apply? I would really appreciate any advice!

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    I am kind of in the same boat. Have a BS in excerise and health science. I went back for LPN and am now working as an LPN. I want to pursue nursing as far as I can. Most schools community college or university require 5 or 6 classes. Just depends which route you want to take.

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